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RAILVIS and future trends presented in Rotterdam

The event featured insights on the impact of relocations, the Trans-European Transport Network, and evolving Europe-Asia trade routes.

RAILVIS and future trends presented in Rotterdam

Industry leaders gathered in Rotterdam to discuss future trends in European intermodal logistics at the Intermodal Logistics Conference 2024. The event, which AMEC Logistics supported, highlighted the impact of relocations, the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN T) and the changing dynamics of the Europe-Asia trade routes, with representatives from the UIRR, UTIKAD, and other key organizations.

 Keynote speeches

The opening session of the conference was an examination of intermodal logistics. The impact of political and economic factors on logistics, the prospects for the New Silk Road and new technologies were discussed by speakers such as Ralf Charley Schultze, President of the UIRR, and Oleg Kostyuk, CEO of GTI'n'FORMAG FORWARDING. Kyra Lemmens of Moerdijk Port and Guanzhe Cao of duisport highlighted the key role of ports as vital logistics hubs.

RAILVIS highlights the role of digitalization in logistics

One of the highlight was RAILVIS' presentation on the European rail logistics industry. RAILVIS presented prospects for infrastructure improvements, such as warehousing zones with rail connections and advances in rail siding development.

They showed how these advances can improve efficiency and connectivity within the rail industry, highlighting cutting-edge products such as the LOCO EURO9000 and the INNOFREIGHT solution.

RAILVIS also emphasized the importance of digitalization in logistics, promoting the exchange of data to better terminal and track capacity management, utilizing wagons and locomotives, and calculating freight rates in real time. 

Looking ahead

The conference concluded with industry experts such as Pavel Lagov of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Deutschland and Rashad Shakarov of AMEC Logistics in a thought-provoking discussion on the future of the New Silk Road. Prospects and logistical obstacles were discussed, with the role of railways in the future of intermodal transport further highlighted by insights from Jondari Kemularia of Marine Shipping & Forwarding and Ctirad Klimanek, Managing Partner of RAILVIS.

The Intermodal Logistics Conference 2024 served as a platform to explore new trends, with RAILVIS's contributions shedding light on the transformative possibilities offered by technological advances in rail logistics.


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