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Arnošt Bartošek, Head of Operations at, discusses his journey to the innovative company and highlights the team's role in facilitating seamless onboarding and promoting specialized rail offers.

Adriana Pálková - its a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together

Adriana Pálková - Operational Support - new colleague in the team

4th RAILVIS DAY - international team gathering

Development of new functions, customer success operations, sales and marketing activities were the main topics of the meeting. added 3 more languages

Additionaly to universal English language, functions are translated into German, Polish and Czech. platform introduced at IBS Congress in Vienna

48th IBS Congress in Vienna, Austria invited many important train operators, freight forwarders, rental companies and shippers.

Meet us at Brno Exhibition Centre on 7th June 2022

Visit the presentation of Mr. Ctirad Klimanek at Rail Business Days in Brno, Czech Republic. He will speak about current success of and, and he will introduce one surprising information.

The unique European online railway platform was built in only one year

Ctirad Klimanek, Managing Partner of, presented what has already been done and future plans.

RAILTALKS will discuss smart assets and will be there

Do you want to know how innovative technologies change rail operations? June´s RAILTALKS will present the topic SMART ESSETS and discuss the current options and future challenges.

HŽ Cargo wagons and locomotives exclusively on

The Croatian national carrier HŽ Cargo is offering 980 wagons and 16 locomotives for sale on largest railway business platform. membership with VPI organisation is now a member of VPI organisation in Hamburg, Germany, which is one of the most important organisations for wagon owners, wagon rental companies and wagon repair workshops in Europe.

Railway world is now connected by Intelligent Search-Engine is a unique database that brings to railway users all the information about the companies on the global railway market, quickly, easily and for free. - Ctirad Klimánek by the IBS congress in Bonn

Ctirad Klimánek, Managing Partner was one of the main speakers at IBS (International Rail Freight Business Association) congress in Bonn.

Business database for rail market is a business database platform connecting railway professionals across the entire railway industry. Making it easy to be seen, found and interconnected.

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