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RAILTALKS will discuss smart assets and RAILVIS.com will be there

Do you want to know how innovative technologies change rail operations? June´s RAILTALKS will present the topic SMART ESSETS and discuss the current options and future challenges.

RAILTALKS will discuss smart assets and RAILVIS.com will be there

Digital automatic coupling, automatic brake test, telematics, freight detection and other upcoming technologies will change rail operations in the near future. Higher efficiency in the rail transport process and a more productive asset deployment are the promising goals that rail transport companies together with the whole industry are aiming for. 

However, do we manage to implement these modern technologies quickly and purposefully into practice? What do operators actually expect from a smart asset as the key to the modern railway operations? The answers will try to find the RAILTALKS on 8th June 2022 organised by Menlo79. The event will be offline (with dinner) and online (for free). RAILVIS.com will be there represented by Ctirad Klimanek. Get your ticket now and see you there. 


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